HTML Tags (ST)

Writing HTML

When you type in a web page into notepad using HTML tags, there are many different ones that you might need to use to format your page.

You need to tell the computer how to do this using Commands. These commands tell the computer how to display the text on the screen.
The commands are called Tags. They come in pairs and you have to put them at the start and the end of each thing you want to format. The tags are always enclosed in angled brackets <           > .

A Handy Table
  Tag   Effect
  < html >     starts a html set of code  
  < center >     centres text  
  < br >     starts a new line  
  < img src="piccy.jpg" >     puts an image in  
  < a href="page1.htm"pageone >     Link to page 1  
  < font color="#000080" >     Changes font colour to navy  
  < font face="comic sans ms" >     Changes font to Comic Sans ms  
  < hr >     horizontal line

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