Mr Stacey's HVC Help Design
Unit 2 Database System (C)

Part C - This is all about the design proposal.

You should be able to complete your introduction with these help sheets. The next page shows you how to do some of the detail in the design

Assignment Brief
This explains the existing system and sets the scene.

Marking Grid
Use this to check your work against, when you think you have all of the bits of each box ticked, you will probably have got the mark.

Scope and Aim of the project proposal
This is for the 2004 year 11's. It helps you write the very first bit - the introduction, it sets out the scope of the brief.

User Needs
This document asks you some questions about what the existing system is and what is needed from it, and the new system, then you can hand write it on the print and type it up as your own user needs.

This is a list of 10 steps for you to go through to plan out your database system - you must have already completed the user needs so you know what to do!

Test Plan
This is an example of a test plan to fit in your proposal. This will prove that the thing is going to work.