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Part d - This is all about the implementation of your design proposal


So these help sheets take you through some of the steps involved in producing your proposal.

Assignment Brief
This explains the existing system and sets the scene. This should remind you of what you had to do to get approval to start. Your brief is to produce the database you have designed in your proposal.

Marking Grid
Use this to check your work against, when you think you have all of the bits of each box ticked, you will probably have got the mark.

Creating a Database
This shows you from scratch, how to set up an access database using the example with 3 tables a games hire club. You should have planned all of your tables and all of your forms and reports, as well as how to test it. If you have not already done this, return to the previous page and go through the design steps. The process is the same as a video hire club except the 3rd table contains details about games, not videos.

This is how you join the tables together in relationships. You should still not have any data in any of your tables. You must get this bit right and have it checked by your teacher before you start the data input

Data input
This takes you through step by step how to create a data input form in MSACCESS