Theatre Production Project
Theatre Production Project

You are trying to persuade the Head to let you put on a theatre production.

Before he will give you the go ahead, he has asked you to give him more detailed information in the following 3 areas.

Finance (Money - or whether it will make a profit or a loss,
Advertising - What sort of advertising you will do, (Posters, Flyers, Tickets)
Seating - how you are going to organise the seating arrangements)

You should produce a report for the Head detailing these 3 areas.

you should split each of the 3 sections out into 3 sub headings which are

WHAT - state what you are going to do
HOW - describe how you are going to complete the task
WHY - explain why you need to do your project in this way.
Good Luck, Don't forget that there is a guide to writing up your project off the home page.