Reports Explanation
What The Sections Mean

Front Cover

This should have the "title of the report"
Presented to:...

Summary of Findings
This is a concise list of everything that you found out in your investigation in the results and any conclusions or recommendations that you made. The best way to present this section is in a concise bullet pointed list.

Contents Page
This should contain the title of the section as well as what page it is on. You may want to use the TOC generator in word.

This is written in future tense and talks about the process you are going to use to investigate your task
(how you are going to go about finding your information and what you are going to do with it when you find it)

Main Body of Report
This is the knowledge or facts that you found out (results) during your investigation. It is vital that you split this large section into smaller sub section, each with a clear sub-heading.

This is just a list of the sources of information. A book must be referenced as
Title: Author: Publisher
a web page must have the full address

It is a good idea to keep a draft copy of this as you investigate your topic and update it as you go along as it is often hard to remember the details at the end.

These are the sections which you may have found out that are not specifically part of what you are investigating. The appendices may include:

Appendix 1 - Additional Evidence Indicators
Appendix 2 - Safe Working Practices
Appendix 3 - Evaluation of Method
Appendix 4 - Improvements I have made to my report

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